About us

We have been an 18-year Electronic Components Supplier since 2005, Our customers are located in more than 60 countries.

Why Choose ECSource?

100% Guarantee Provided

100% Genuine-100% inspection by Top 10 Asia Third party Test house Strategy Partner.

anti-Counterfeit policy

100% Genuine-100% inspection by Top 10 Asia Third party Test house Strategy Partner

We are Quick and Agile

Working 24 hours a day serving every major region globally

Shortage Spot Supply

Global Sourcing, Supply hard to find / Obsolete / EOL Parts

Procurement Cost Reduction

Saved >10,00,000 USD Cost-down of TOP Level EMS around the World

Free Technical Engineering Support

Our team dedicated technical Support &Value added service

Considerate After-Sales service

365 days Warranty
Returen if not new original part

Flexible payment terms

Support T/T, ESCROW,Net 7-15 days terms, Based on the number of transactions

Shipping Discount Policy

Free shipping is available If the transaction amount reaches 20,000USD

Supplier management

According to the nature and size of the supplier's enterprise, the supplier is divided into 4 categories

Tier 1

original factory and authorized agent

Tier 2

OEM, ODM, EMS factories (forwarder)

Tier 3

Qualified suppliers with third-party certification, such as ERAI, IDEA, ISO etc.

Tier 4

Disqualified suppliers
The supplier's product label inspection or QC failure have passed, or found product quality problems.

Our Team

Establish a team with common action values and become a world well-know professional distributor.

Franco Dr Huang



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Trusted By

Area51-ESG, Inc.
America II Electronics
Supreme Components International
 Abstract Electronics
Pacific Component Xchange
UppConn GmbH

Sourcing Electronic Components from China

We are your trusted gatekeeper! We practicing western high standards and stand by your benefit in China.
We are a very hard working team, work with us and give us some advice,thank you!

Let electronics creat a better life!