ECSourc Components Co.,Limited

Pricing and Product Information

ECSource Components will make every reasonable effort to provide current and accurate information on products and product prices but does not make any warranties as to the monetary amount or accuracy of such information. In addition, ECSource Components will rely on the original manufacturer or the distributor authorized by the manufacturer to provide product warnings related to the use of the product and/or chemicals that may be contained in the product. Information about products may change at any time without notice.

Product prices are subject to change anytime before ECSource Components agrees to process your order. If the price of the product changes between the time you place your order. ECSource Components accepts your order, or if ECSource Components discovers, in any case, a material error in the product description or its availability information, such errors will affect your pending order, or if you are waiting for an order to be shipped or if a pricing error is discovered, we will notify you of the corrected version of your order; at that time, you can choose to accept the corrected order version or cancel the order.

 If you do not choose within ten working days of receiving the aforementioned notification, your order will be deemed cancelled. If your order is cancelled and you have paid the relevant subscription fees, ECSource Components will refund the money you have paid.